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Understanding children's behaviour courses

These courses can be tailored for use with a group of parents, practitioners, teaching staff or Family Support Workers. The free consultation on the course then allows the trainer to develop the optimum training to be delivered to the group.

What are the objectives of the course?

  • To understand the different ways children behave
  • To be aware of different theories and ways of understanding behaviour e.g. looking at the child's development, looking at the environment, looking at the relationships of the child, looking at the child's own reasons
  • To assess a child's behaviour and understand the reasons for it
  • To develop strategies to support a child and reduce his/her behaviour difficulties through an individual or group behaviour plan
  • To reflect on own current practice and skills within understanding and managing behaviour and develop them further
What is the content of the course?

The activities during the training are varied and lively to give practitioners or parents hands on activities to keep them engaged and interested. Experience of training a wide range of delegates has shown this to be a highly effective way of developing understanding, confidence and skills and creating impact.
If training is delivered within a single early years setting, there is an opportunity for staff to work together on behaviour and consider processes for the setting. This is done through an action plan format and be used as the basis for a policy.
If staff come from a range of settings, individual practitioners are encouraged to implement a development in their own practice e.g. reflect on their strengths and areas to work on in children's behaviour, to understand reasons for children's behaviour and develop individual behaviour plans for children.
If the training is delivered to parents, it can be helpful for parents to develop their own understanding. Measures are used to show the impact on parents in both qualitative and quantative measures.

What is the duration of the course?

This course can be delivered:
  • as a two day course
  • over three staff meetings, twlights or evenings (2 hours each)
  • over 3 Saturdays short courses
This course has been adapted in light of the changes to the Early Years Foundation Stage document (DfE, 2012).

If you are interested in this course for your setting or a group or a group of settings, please contact me

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Contact Me

"I contacted Anita at Early Years Solutions after a member of my staff attended a training day delivered by Anita and reported  how much she felt she had learnt about children's behaviour. Anita joined us for a morning to deliver training to the whole staff team around issues of behaviour management in Early Years. The training was delivered in a fun and engaging manner and the whole staff team commented on how much they had enjoyed the training and how much more confident they felt in managing children's behaviour appropriately. The morning really helped us examine our expectations of children and the positive impact on staff practice has been very noticeable. An extremely valuable and fun morning, we will definitely be in touch for any future training needs for our setting."

Julia Boards, Nursery Manager, Greenhill Lodge Nursery, Sutton Coldfield. 

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