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The following training courses are available for school staff as either full day packages or as twilight staff meeting sessions. The training has been most successful when divided into separate sessions. These sessions are planned to suit the timing of the school, with staff agreeing to take on small, manageable actions in between the sessions using an action planning approach.  This allows the school to develop in the area of training identified.
A free consultation on the design of the training is offered with each training package booked!
A full evaluation report can be completed on request

Courses for staff working with all children
Approximate duration
Understanding the Early Years Foundation Stage
 1 day or 2 twlights
Observation, assessment and planning in the early years
 2 days or 3 twlights
Understanding and using the Key Person Approach in school
 2 days or 3 twilights
Child development
 2 days or 3 twlights
Supporting children's play 1 day or 2 twlights
Understanding attachment  1 day or 2 twlights
Working with Parents
 1 day or 2 twlights
Consulting with children - being child-led
 1 day or 2 twlights
Supporting children's speech and language development in the early years 2 days or 3 twilights
Understanding and supporting children's Personal, social and emotional development in the early years4 days or 7 twilights
Understanding children's behaviour in the early years 2 days or 3 twilights
Courses linked to children having additional needs
Approximate duration
Working with children with SEN in the early  years
 1 day or 2 twlights
Using Early Support
 1 day or 2 twilights
Understanding children with autism in the early years
 1 day or 2 twilights
Supporting children with English as an Additional Language in the early years
 2 days or 3 twilights
Courses for staff leading learning and supporting other staff
Approximate duration
The Early Years Consultant - supporting and guiding others effectively
 2 days or 3 twilights
Using theories of learning, pedagogy and evidence based practice to lead learning
 2 days or 3 twilights

In addition, if you have a specific training need not outlined above, I am able to write and deliver training over a wide range of topics in the Early Years. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs

from school Foundation Stage managers

We are a team of twelve staff in a very large school. Our nursery is a 65F/T place, 130 children in total. The majority of staff are new to nursery with no early years experience. Anita was recommended to us and I sent a message to her asking for help and 'boy' did she do a brilliant job. All the staff without exception agreed that Anita's personality and her delivery were outstanding and staff could not wait for the next INSET, there was a 'buzz' in the nursery. We all now have a 'good' knowledge of Early Years and it's practice.

Jan Ludford, Assistant Head for Early Years and Family Support,       

St. Benedict's Infant School

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 Additional Services

  • Project management and small scale research e.g. looking at the indications from the EYFSP or looking at EYFS data on entry

Testimonials from Headteachers

I always valued Anita as a very professional and highly experienced Educational Psychologist who supported us in all manner of pupil needs to find a workable and child-centred solution. Anita has an approachable manner and quickly establishes a good rapport with parents.

Kathryn Skan, Headteacher,
St Stephen's CE First School, Redditch
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