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I have had experience of managing small projects and setting up small scale action research projects for Local Authorities, schools and Children's Centres. Examples of small scale projects include:
  • mentoring, supporting and measuring the impact of a self-evaluation scheme used by 17 schools, Children's Centres and nurseries in Birmingham to support the social and emotional development of a target group within the setting using the Accounting Early for Liofelong learning (AcE) programme (Pascal & Bertram, 2008) on parents and staff. For the summary report, please click here
  • tracking the impact of an intensive 4 day training programme in Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)
  • evaluation of the impact of establishing group supervision sessions for Children's Centre teachers over a 2 year period. For the summary report, please click here
  • establishing a project on the use of cameras with children in 9 Children's Centres to gain children's views of the strengths and weaknesses of the Children's Centre using the Mosaic Approach (Clark & Moss, 2001)
  • tracking the impact of the Children's Centre on children who attend local nursery or Recption class provision using EYFS data
  • examining the implications of the EYFSP results for school
  • using the EYFS observations and assessments of children on entry to help plan for effective nursery and Reception provision
If there are small scale projects you are considering for your setting and you need someone to support in the development of the project and/or the evaluation of impact and report writing to share with Governing Bodies, Advisory Boards, proprietors, or other Steering Groups, please contact me

Testimonial from Children's Centres Central Team manager

Anita has supported the Children's Centre and other early intervention projects for several years. During that time Anita has been efficient, competent and inspirational to those that she directly liaises with.

Anita has the capacity to help individuals to focus on what they want to achieve and the benefits of trying new ways of working to achieve different outcomes. I am aware of instances when there has been potential conflict between different professionals and Anita has helped a range of individuals to identify strategies which help them to work together and focus on positive outcomes as well as recognising the skill and contributions of others.

I would not hesitate to recommend Anita, as she is professional, knowledgeable and experienced in a range of areas. Anita is flexible and creative and will look for solutions and creative approaches to ensure that the outcomes that are achieved are acceptable to all concerned. There is also evidence that Anita empowers individuals and builds their confidence and skills to ensure that they can work independently once she withdraws from a project.

Cath Ellicott, Children's Centres Project Manager, Worcestershire

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Anita managed a project using AcE (Accounting Early For Lifelong Learning) to support practitioners from 17 settings to develop the social and emotional aspects of development in the children they work with. She managed the project competently and confidently, and was reliable in time keeping and completing what was required at all stages.

She has excellent interpersonal skills which she uses to good effect, and knows the correct pitch for the group or individual. This in turn allows her to assess the support needed in order to help them progress and develop. She made effective use of tools to evaluate the impact of the project with practitioners and parents, using interviews, pre and post training measures, focus groups and individual interviews.

Martin Hawthorne, Training Advisor, Children’s Services Training Team, Birmingham

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