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Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) course

What are the objectives of the course?
  • To gain a deeper understanding of the importance of PSED
  • To have greater confidence in planning and delivering high quality PSED experiences to young children
  • To understand and feel confident in all six aspects (Dispositions and attitudes. Sense of Community. Self-esteem and self-confidence. Making relationships, Behaviour and self-control, Self care) of PSED
What is the content of the course?

This course covers a range of key ideas and theories of learning and development and aims to help practitioners understand the theories and put them into practice into their day to day work with young children. This includes understanding on:
  • attachment theory,
  • rights of children and the impact on positive dispositions of children,
  • independence and autonomy.
  • self concept and links to self-esteem and confidence,
  • analysis of behaviour
  • development of friendships.
What is the duration of the course?

The course has been delivered as a 4 day training package with a gap of approximately a month between each training day to allow practitioners to complete reading, try activities and plan how to develop PSED in their setting. The activities during the training days are varied and lively to give practitioners experiential understanding of the ideas discussed such as attachment and sense of community. Experinece of training a wide range of practitioners has shown this to be a highly effective way of developing practitioner understanding, confidence and skills and creating impact in a range of early years settings.

This can be delivered over a series of evenings or twilight sessions or Saturdays
to accomodate preferences of staff.

This course has been adapted in light of the changes to the Early Years Foundation Stage document (DfE 2012).

If you are interested in this course for your setting or a group or a group of settings, please contact me

Tesimonial from Local Authority staff

Through the four days of the course, delegates have an opportunity to grow in understanding and confidence while exploring PSED using a range of materials to support them

Delegates are encouraged to share ideas, including giving supportive feedback during group discussions. Some delegates were going back to their setting to encourage everyone to attend.

An area highlighted during the PSED training was relationships, with a focus on interactions between practitioners and children and practitioners and families. These relationships are the cornerstone of really getting to know the children and families within the setting and are the foundations for good practice.

Paula Daniel                                                                                                     ICT Consultant for Early Years, Birmingham LA

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 Testimonials on PSED course

An informative but fun course, with lots of chance for discussion and debate in a relaxed, friendly environment.

A chance to share experiences and ideas with practitioners from other nurseries and gain lots of new ideas to try.

I really began to look at things from a child's perspective and began to understand how they may feel when being apart from their parent/carer.

I gained a lot of confidence academically and realised that I wanted the sense of achievement of working towards the accreditation offered by the course. As a manager of a setting, I have now booked my Deputy Manager on to the next course!

Sue Stenson, manager Walmley Pre-School Playgroup

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your workshop today (8th Feb 2012). It made me think hard about my claim that my practice always starts with the child's P,S&E development and flourishes from that. I felt quite pleased with myself that I was 'getting it right'. Today, I was surprised at how many guesses I had to make and how patchy my knowledge is! It made me realise that I need to go back and think more deeply about  PSED (and probably about more areas!) and I am looking forward to taking my staff along that road too.
I think the work shop showed we could all do with more of that kind of thought provoking, going deeper type training!

Sue Foster, Meadows Nursery, Worcestershire

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